What is a General Plan?

The state of California requires every city and county in California to adopt a General Plan, which is the local government’s long-term blueprint “for the physical development of the city and any land outside its boundaries that bears relation to its planning.” The General Plan represents the community’s view of its future and expresses the long-term growth and development goals.  It addresses issues that impact the entire city, such as how land is used, where buildings are built, the locations of roads and parks, safety, noise, and more

The General Plan contains the goals and policies upon which the City Council and Planning Commission will base their land use decisions. All city plans, zoning, and private development must be consistent with the diagrams and policies in the General Plan.

Why is the City updating its General Plan?

The City’s current General Plan was last comprehensively updated in 2006. The City of San Jacinto is facing important demands and challenges (some new, some long-standing) on its land use pattern, infrastructure, budget, and circulation network. Changing demographics and economic conditions, new and improved transit connections to the region, and new state legislation are some of the important reasons that the City has decided to update its General Plan.

What is included in San Jacinto General Plan 2040 Project?

The San Jacinto General Plan work program includes preparation of a variety of important plans that will guide the City through 2040. These include:

      General Plan Document – The General Plan Document will address all state-required General Plan topics (see below) and other topics of local importance, including economic development, environmental justice, and historic and cultural resources.

      Focused Zoning Ordinance Update – State law requires that a City's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance be consistent. The Zoning Ordinance implements the goals and policies of the General Plan and provides more detailed direction regarding property development, such as height limits, parking standards, and landscaping requirements. Based on the direction provided in the General Plan, the City will prepare a focused update to its Zoning Ordinance to ensure that it is consistent with the new General Plan and implements the community's vision for the future.

      Climate Action Plan – The City of San Jacinto will prepare a stand-alone Climate Action Plan to support the goals and policies of the General Plan and guide future efforts within the City towards achiving cost-effective greenhouse gas emissions reductions. This effort will be informed by and support the subregional Climate Action Plan prepared by the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG).

      Environmental Impact Report – An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared to address all potential environmental impacts associated with implementation of the General Plan. The EIR will serve as a "tiering document" to faciliate streamlined environmental review of subsequent development, planning, and infrastructure projects undertaken in the City which are consistent with the General Plan.

      Cultural Landscape Study – The City of San Jacinto is proud of its cultural heritage and is excited to undertake preparation of a Cultural Landscape Study (CLS) as part of this work program. The CLS will serve as a baseline document that identifies cultural affiliations, areas of cultural sensitivity and historic connections to the City with specific reference to the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians.

What topics are addressed in the General Plan?

General Plans are divided into elements based on specific topics. There are seven mandatory elements: land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, safety, and noise. State law allows local governments to organize and format their general plans however they desire, as long as the required topics or elements are addressed. Cities can also choose to include additional elements, such as community design, economic development, and historic and cultural resources.

We expect to address all of these topics, and more, in San Jacinto's new General Plan. As a part of preparing the General Plan Update, the existing elements may be reorganized and new elements may be added to emphasize new planning issues that have arisen since the current General Plan was adopted.

What is the schedule for the San Jacinto General Plan 2040 Project?

The San Jacinto General Plan Update will take place over an 18-month period from November 2018 to approximately June 2020.

How can I get involved?

The General Plan Update process provides an opportunity for community members to discuss and weigh-in on the City’s future. We encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to participate, including meetings, workshops, and public hearings.

In order to collect community input in an open, engaging, and actionable way, the City has designed a series of community venues and events where you will have the opportunity to participate in and be informed of the planning process. These include:

      Visioning Workshops – Three Visioning Workshops will be held to introduce the community to the project and to provide opportunities for the community to identify their vision, goals and priorities, and land use and transportation preferences for the General Plan Update.

      Stakeholder Interviews – Interviews of groups and organizations that represent various local and regional issues that affect San Jacinto will be conducted to ensure that a broad range of perspectives are included early in the General Plan update process. Feedback collected during this stage will be subject to additional input from the broader community.

      Open House – This community workshop will present the key issues that the General Plan Update addresses, the City’s primary goals and policies related to each General Plan element, and the draft land use map.

      Public Review Draft General Plan – The Public Review Draft General Plan and Environmental Impact Report will be made available to the public for review and feedback before the plan is finalized. will be presented to the entire community in order to receive feedback and input.

      Planning Commission and City Council Hearings –The City will conduct public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council to consider the update to the General Plan.  Community members are encouraged to attend these meetings.

Why should I get involved?

The City of San Jacinto is committed to involving the community in the planning process. The General Plan Update process provides residents, businesses, and interested parties the chance to help guide the future of the community. A successful General Plan will reflect the community’s vision and priorities, and we believe that your voice is vital to producing a plan that will reflect your vision for the city’s future. Community input is needed to establish the long-term vision for San Jacinto and to identify key issues and priorities.

How will my feedback be used?

Public input from every engagement opportunity is meticulously reviewed and documented to ensure that planners, City staff, and decision-makers have a full understanding of public sentiment when drafting goals and policies. Public feedback on General Plan materials (including goals and policies) will be considered throughout the process.

How can I stay informed?

Visit the Get Involved page to view the dates of upcoming meetings and community events. If you wish to be added to the City’s mailing list to receive project updates and invitations to community events, use the contact form and request to be added to the mailing list.

The General Plan Update process is an opportunity for community members to discuss the city’s future. There will be many opportunities to participate, including meetings, workshops, and public hearings. All of these opportunities will be posted on this website.